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View Mixed Reality will bring AR to Windows 10


The Windows 10 Creators Update bundles the new Paint 3D app but Microsoft is planning to bring more than 3D creation into the operating system. The Redmond-based tech giant announced a new feature called ‘View Mixed Reality’ during their education event that just ended.

OK, so people can buy either the Hololens if their budget allows it or go for cheaper headsets if they want to experience mixed and augmented reality. It seems Microsoft wants to let us get a taste of AR without a headset. The company plans to bring ‘View Mixed Reality” into Windows 10, a feature that would allow us to view virtual objects in the real environment using just a camera.

Augmented reality without a VR headset

The new feature is expected to be released this fall.

So how does this “mixed reality” work? It places objects into the real world. Microsoft’s demo had a Curiosity Rover on stage and placed it in the physical environment, allowing us to see how it compares to the people and objects next to it. There are numerous applications to this feature of course, from education to interior design and much more.


It seems that ‘View Mixed Reality’ won’t have any special hardware requirements. The feature will work on any computer running Windows 10, but of course, you would need a camera in order to use it – any basic RGB camera will do. There’s a lot of potential to this feature, including for schools that are normally equipped with lower-end cheap computers.

‘View Mixed Reality’ will become available as a Paint 3D feature sometime this fall and will allow us to view any object or creation in the real world.


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