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Open Me Later: Chrome Extension That Schedules Websites to Launch at Specific Time


There are a lot of useful Chrome extensions, and weeding through them all is impossible to find the little gems scattered all over the store. Open Me Later might just be the extension you need, however.

Sometimes, you need to remember to check up on things, and they keep skipping your attention. You may set reminders, alarms and put sticky notes. All of that is fine, but you must remember to add a reminder first. It is just too much hassle. Certainly, there must be a better way to remind yourself to check up on specific websites at a certain time.

Enter Open Me Later. Note: this is a Chrome extension, and it only works when the browser is running. It does not launch your Chrome browser if it is not open. Here is how it works.

Step 1. Install the extension.
Step 2. Open the website you wish to schedule for the browser to open at a specific time and date.
Step 3. Click the Open Me Later extension button, and set things up. Here, you have options – you can select a specific date from the calendar on the left. Alternatively, you can select Daily, or select specific days and check the Every week on these days option. In other words, the options are flexible.
You can also choose how you want Chrome to open the scheduled website – in a new tab, or a new window.

At the bottom of the Open Me Later pop-up window, you will see the list of scheduled websites along with the dates and times.
Step 4. Don’t forget to choose the time you wish for the browser to open the website. Click the hour, use the arrows to set the time. Repeat the same for the minutes.
Step 5. Click the Open Me Later button to save the scheduled task.

The extension also lets you edit the scheduled tasks. Go to the Chrome extension (looks like a clock) – a pop-up window appears. At the bottom, you will find the list of scheduled websites.

Hover the mouse or place the cursor over the task you wish to edit – arrows will appear, letting you adjust the time and date. Don’t forget to save the changes when you are done editing. If you did everything right, a pop-up confirmation window.

Likewise, if you no longer wish for the website to launch, you can check the box to the left of the respective task and click the minus (-) sign that appears just above the green Save button. Confirm your selection.

Final Words

Open Me Later is a useful Chrome extension that lets you automate checking on the specific websites in your browser. It works as a very specific alarm or a reminder that opens scheduled websites at the dates and times defined by the user. It is easy to manage and does not hog your browser. Give it a try if it sounds like something you can benefit from, and let us know what you think!


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