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5 Best reminder apps that make sure you never forget anything


The more technology we can rely on for our day jobs, the heavier our task lists become. It’s a vicious circle which we cannot escape so we need to make do with whatever we have at our disposal. For this reason, today we’re going to talk about the best reminder apps that can help you stay on top of your tasks and also keep your work organized.

By allowing an app to remember things for you, you will be able to focus on more important parts of your work. Also, these are not just the best reminder apps, they also have other productivity features that I’m sure you will find useful.

Google Assistant (Android, iOS)

Google Assistant is Siri’s equivalent for Android. Using it is very simple: Just say “OK, Google” to your phone and then say “Remember,” followed by whatever you want Google Assistant to remember for you. Of course, you can also ask it to remind you of things at specific dates and times.

And if you ever need the information at a later time, ask Google Assistant and you will have your answer. To use Google Assistant on Android, you will need to have the Google app installed, Google Services and Android 6.0 or higher. Furthermore, if you don’t like Siri that much, you can also use it on your iPhone.

Wonder (Google Home, Messenger, Amazon Echo)

If you think Google already knows too much about you, Wonder is a great non-Google alternative. It’s also a virtual assistant and it works with Facebook Messenger, Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart voice controllers.

It works similarly to Google Assistant and Siri – when typing in Messenger you will need to start with the “Remember” command or say it out loud to Google Home or Amazon Echo. It’s not as advanced as Google Assistant but still gets the job done.

WorldBrain (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)

OK, so I have to admit WorldBrain is not exactly a reminder app but it can help you find stuff you don’t remember much about. This service installs as a browser add-on and lets you search through all the websites and PDFs you’ve visited or bookmarked. It’s not just a simple search engine – it also has filters and allows you to import existing history and bookmarks.

If you’re a privacy-conscious person there’s no need to worry. WorlBrain stores the data on your computer, and not in the cloud unless you set it this way.

You can download WorldBrain from the official website for Firefox and Chrome browsers. As an added bonus, the Chrome version also works with other Chromium browsers.

Reminder Team (Web-based)

If you’re tired of having so many apps and accounts, Reminder Team is the perfect solution for never forgetting anything. This is a no-signup web service that allows you to write emails to yourself and choose a custom time and date when you should receive them.

Honestly, it couldn’t get any easier than this even if it’s not a full-featured reminder app, you can use it from any device with an Internet connection so it’s convenient, to say the least.

Remember The Milk (Web, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox..etc.)


This is a smart but also simple to-do app which can also send you reminders. The best part…it’s absolutely free and you can use it anywhere. It can be used directly on the web, as a browser add-on, as a desktop app on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and as an app on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. What more could you ask for? Maybe Evernote integration? Sure, you got it!

You can easily create multiple to-do lists for various purposes, such as work, home, school…etc. but you can go one step further and prioritize tasks and notifications. There are also plenty of notification options such as from the respective apps, via email, SMS, IM and even Twitter.


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